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he needs to explain why unemployment is high and recovery slow. >> what the president will do is have a conversation directly with the american people about where we have been over the past four years and what we have to continue to do moving forward to strengthen our economy. >> reporter: as for governor romney, who is trailing in the polls, he will be looking for a breakout moment and voters will be looking for details on his plan to lower taxes and the deficit. >> i think you will hear a great deal of specifics. you will hear the contrast because the president's reforms haven't been enough to help the economy. that's going to be the thing for me is someone who comes forward with a comprehensive cohesive plan for the economy and where america realistically fits into that. that's going to be probably what swings it. >> reporter: both candidates know that every answer and gesture counts. while fumbles can be costly. meaning what happens tonight could decide what happens on november 6. joining me now is cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. i know you participated in a
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lot of these debates, coached people what would be your advice to mitt romney to give him the edge? >> reporter: it wouldn't be learn to do do zingers, people don't feel he is authentic. you can't teach people to do something that's unnatural. he has never been a mean- spirited person on the campaign, doesn't tell jokes well. trying to do those things would not be natural. his best chance tonight i think is to just be himself and try and connect with voters as a human being. he did that briefly in his convention speech. if did he that tonight i think people would give him credit for just being a real person. the president, on the other hand, just needs to continue do what he is doing with is low drama obama, low pressure. even if he hasn't won on points he would be perceived the winner because he would seem to be presidential and not off his game. >> reporter: there hasn't been a lot of talk about it, six
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segments on domestic policy, giving them more time. >> it's supposed to. it's supposed to be on domestic issues and hopefully it will be. i will tell you from experience as a debate and coach that often times the candidate still finds ways to bring subjects in that aren't on topic necessarily. and for the person in your soundbyte before who was saying i'm looking for that plan, you won't get that because these answer are a couple of minutes and the problems are complex. the debate tonight and i think what most voters are looking for who are undecided at this point is some analysis about jobs. look to see if they are giving anything in the way of specifics about those tonight and who is more credible and more like himself as a real push. >> those unscripted moments, right? >> yes. >> thank you, joe tuman. he is going to join us later tonight. you can watch the debate live right here on cbs 5 special coverage begins at
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6:00. how about them oakland as. it took 162 games but they are finally in first place. and just in time. about an hour ago in front of a sellout crowd. the as completed a late season surge that was nothing short of historic. with it they have clinched the american league west championship and home field advantage in first round of the play-offs. dennis o'donnell live at the coliseum and dennis, you hate to say unbelievable, but unbelievable! >> reporter: it is unbelievable, allen. i think every adjective you could possibly use has been used to describe this team. they have not been alone in first place since the season began on march 28 in japan. all those days of second and third place ended today. bob melvin's club down 5-1 in the 4th inning then tied it at 5. then cespedes popped up. josh hamilton drops the ball two runs scored to give the as
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a 7-5 lead. manager ron washington telling hamilton he could have cost his team the game. it was 12-5 in the 9th inning and here's how it ended. >> flyball to center field. coco drifting back he is there and has it! and the as have won the west! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the as score 11 unanswered runs and sweep the texas rangers to win the american league west. >> they're going nuts! >> we're not finished yet. i realize that. but we're going to enjoy right now. it's an unbelievable feeling. >> it was great. we haven't had this kind of turnout all year. it got out blood pumping. >> too many times this year people want to point to intangibles and not recognize that there's some good baseball players here.
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and there's no such thing as being lucky for 162 games. >> reporter: tired of drinking champagne is this. >> what?! [ laughter ] what kind of question? >> reporter: the asked the dumbest question of the post- season. i admit it. allen, congratulations to your 2012 a.l. west champion oakland athletics. we have to see what the new york yankees do tonight until we know what the as will be doing in their first game of the post-season. allen what a great day at the coliseum. >> got a question for you of are you getting tired of getting doused with champagne is this. >> reporter: no, man. what a stupid question that is! >> thank you very much. >> reporter: what? what? >> i thought i'd make you feel better. >> reporter: thank you. [ laughter ] >> we'll have more coming up. new at 5:00 tonight the case involving a police lab technician who stole drug evidence ended in a mistrial today. deborah madden admits she took cocaine from san francisco's crime lab. prosecutors dismissed hundreds of drug cases because of that
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confession. but jurors couldn't agree whether madden stole the cocaine through deceptive means so the judge declared a mistrial. thieves break into a home and take more than just electronics. they stole a little girl's puppy. her name is mico. police say thieves broke into a home in south san jose near hayes elementary school. the mother says when they took their puppy they also took a piece of their heart. >> when we found out, the only thing i can think of is how am i going to tell my 10-year-old? what mother wants to tell their children that part of their life has been taken away? i can't do anything about it. >> this is the second time her house has been broken into. a $6,000 reward is being offered for the dog's return. berkeley investigators believe it was a propane tank that likely started this three- alarm fire at a duplex overnight. it took crews two hours to get it under control. five people living in the home
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were able to get out safely including a woman in a wheelchair. and san jose police are looking for suspects in connection to two separate shootings. a man was found shot last night near ezie street and cass drive. later a man showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound. both are expected to survive. a scathing report on shootings involving the oakland police department. cbs 5 reporter phil matier explains the report comes after another night of angry protests at city hall. phil. >> reporter: that's right. this is by the monitor that was appointed by the federal judge who is thinking about possibly even taking over the troubled police department if things don't shape up. here's the story. >> reporter: the independent monitor reviewed nine of the most recent level 1 uses of force by oakland police. eight of those cases involved officers shooting and in two of those cases, people died. one of the biggest questions raised was whether the shootings could have been
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avoided noting that in some cases, we do not believe the evidence supports the existence of an imminent threat at the time the trigger was pulled. of particular concern the report said are those cases in which the subject was shot in the back. the report also criticized investigators at times for, quote, failing to ask the difficult questions. and, quote, being report takers not investigators. also cited, bias on the part of police when investigating one of their own stating that, quote, in most cases, the investigators appears predisposed to the position that the shooting was justified. the report comes a day after a noisy demonstration at city hall over the police department's handling of the investigation into the shooting death of alan bluford. an oakland teenager who police say was armed with a gun. >> miguel masso murdered alan bluford in cold blood! >> reporter: john burris is an attorney in the lawsuit that triggered the monitor report.
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>> this is not new. that's how it's always been. >> reporter: is this unique to oakland in your experiencing? >> oh, no, no. absolutely not. >> reporter: a little while ago i spoke with chief howard jordan. he said that what we have here is a summary of the report and he is holding off judgment or any comments until he has seen the entire report and the backup information. he also has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow to talk about the recent shootings that have occurred in oakland. and he has also put up the alan bluford files, the police reports, online as well for everyone to see. in oakland, phil matier, cbs 5. pain at the pump. gas prices are on a sharp rise with no relief in sight. and it's not the cost of oil. so why are we paying more? >> temperatures are on a sharp fall right now. check out the onshore flow rushing into and over downtown san francisco where it's 30 degrees cooler right now than this time yesterday. wait until you see how chilly we get in our forecast and
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there's a chance of rain. i'll let you know when. >> plus a dramatic entrance. why this fleet week arrival wasn't just for show.
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an exxon-mobil refinery in crews getting control of this fire high atop an exxonmobil refinery in baytown texas this afternoon. flames could be seen shoot there is from the top of the tower there at the plant. still unclear exactly how it started but no reports of anybody injured in that. that certainly is not going to help as drivers are taking a hit at the pump. gas prices across the bay area are up 10 to 40 cents in recent days. san francisco drivers paying $4.40 a gallon on average. oil prices have fallen in recent weeks. so cbs 5 reporter len ramirez went to find out just what's going on. len. >> reporter: well, allen, when it comes to gas prices right now, your mileage may vary fending on how much money you have -- depending on how much money you have in your wallet going to the pump. don't get used to these prices now because they are likely to
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go higher tomorrow. it was just last week when drivers were paying $3.95 a gallon. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: today that same gas costs 30 to 40 cents more. >> i just don't understand the big jump. >> reporter: and tomorrow? >> the sky is sort of the limit of what we're seeing with prices. >> reporter: tom robinson says prices could go up another 40 to 60 cents a gallon before it's over. >> it's just going nuts. >> reporter: and it's only happening here. >> this really appears to be just a west coast phenomenon primarily in california. what you have is you have low inventories and you have refinery problems. >> reporter: the chevron refinery fire in richmond was just the beginning. a power failure at an exxon refinery in torrence and several other unit shutdowns have cut supplies. the low inventories caught a lot of distributors empty- handed. and the ones with gas are
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jacking up prices. now it's the drivers who are running on empty. >> i might get maybe a quarter tank on 20 bucks. >> reporter: that's all he can afford for now. ironically, crude prices are actually dropping. so if there's any silver lining in this, it's that the price spike probably won't last. >> when you see something relate to supply issues related to refinery problems, whacks is as soon as those problems get presolved, and they tend to happen, you know, relatively quickly, prices tend to drop off fairly fast. >> reporter: of course, no one knows when prices are going to start leveling off and then come down but it can't come soon enough. some gas stations in california are starting to run out of fuel. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. well, we have an easy way for you to find the cheapest gas prices in your area. check out the pump patrol on our website, good deals on groceries can
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now be found at a new store in san jose. the walmart neighborhood market is now open at the westgate mall. others will be opening around the bay area. it's walmart's challenge to other grocery chains in the bay area such as safeway, whole foods and lucky. hewlett-packard stock took a hit today after ceo meg whitman's disappointing report. she told wall street analysts the company has a lot of work to do after years of declining sales and shrinking profits. whitman says 2013 will be a year of rebuilding. today hp stock dropped 13% to less than $15 a share. now, overall stocks closed with meager gains today. the dow rose 12 points to end at 13,495. the nasdaq was up 15 points and the s&p 500 gained 5 points. all right. how about a military invasion? on ocean beach? the dramatic fleet week arrival. >> and we all see it. the pressure to be thin is
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everywhere. now new insight into why some people are more vulnerable to those images than others. ,,,, vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach.
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prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. ocean beach. not only was it an amazing sight to kickf fleet week it may have looked like a military invasion this morning at ocean beach. not only was it an amazing
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sight to kick off fleet week, but it's also a crucial exercise that could save lives. cbs 5 reporter don ford explains. >> reporter: the united states marine corps made a big show of their military mobility today. in a dramatic landing at ocean beach, the marines arrived in this l-cat which stands for landing craft air cushion a 16,000 horsepower hovercraft and all 60 tons of it floats on air. this exercise isn't just for show. the marines are training with state and local emergency agencies preparing to assist with humanitarian and disaster relief when the next big earthquake hits. mayor ed lee says the marines are vital. >> the ability to carry emergency equipment from trucks to generators and all the things that we might absolutely need in a disaster we hope we never have.
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>> reporter: history proves roads and bridges will go down. and also proves we will need the help. modern portable emergency rooms, shock trauma units, complete with operating rooms, can be set up in hours, something the marines train for. >> this is what you would normally see in combat to take care of casualties such as we have in afghanistan. >> reporter: a local daycare came out to watch the landing. while most folks on the beach have never seen such a military maneuver. >> i mean, it was moving in so quickly, it's like watching something from outer space land on earth. >> reporter: there is a good chance you will see more marine corps vehicles and helicopters throughout the bay area this week as they conduct a disaster preparedness drill leading up to fleet week. on ocean beach, don ford cbs 5. a naval destroyer also made its way into the bay for fleet week. it's i guided missile destroyer. a complete schedule of fleet week activities is on our website, some san francisco students
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could be picked to win some big prizes. the contest announced today is for middle and high school students and their challenge, as you saw, produce a one minute video talking about the evils of bullying. >> it's giving perhaps kids a [ indiscernible ] an outlet to talk about their problems because they are not unique. the reality is that for every one of those kids that's going to put a video together, there are hundreds or thousands of other kids around the country experiencing the same thing. unfortunately, they are suffering in silence. >> those prizes i was talking about include ipads as well as tickets to see the san francisco giants. paul, yesterday it felt a little bit more like it should be summertime but today a little more seasonable. >> it's amazing how quickly and how pronounced the change can be just by changing the wind direction. all we did was change the wind direction. now we have the onshore flow and we have gone from summer- like weather, 94, to a picture that looks similar but because we are getting a different
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source of air it is 64 in downtown san francisco. 30-degree drop. downtown oakland 72. still mild just not as hot for concord, livermore, in the middle 80s, san jose down to 78, santa rosa 77. but much cooler the onshore flow has returned. 4:00 yesterday versus 4:00 today, downtown san francisco 30 degrees cooler, downtown oakland 24 degrees cooler. so the change comes in kind of abruptly today. overnight lows point upper 40s santa rosa, napa 51, vallejo 55, fremont 53. wake up tomorrow morning in the santa clara valley in the upper 50s. 58 for san jose. very interesting to watch this kind of transition of air masses like a snake slithering up the california coastline. we're watching this cloud cover and this moisture begin to envelope the bay area once again. now we're cloudy at the coast again, slipping through the golden gate. and many areas near the bay will wake up mainly cloudy tomorrow. here's the change. homes moved. it's now closer to us spinning off to our west. the counterclockwise flow is
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giving us that onshore flow. we'll have cloud cover in the morning the next several days and cooler afternoons. then something interesting happens. a little early for this. low pressure is going to move right over top of you was. highs only in the 60s this weekend and by next week, with the lowest pressure right over top of the bay area, we lily ll see some scattered showers next monday and next tuesday. oakland you're down to 69 tomorrow. below normal. concord down 77. san francisco 76 for a high. big changes. campbell 77, union city only 70 with morning cloud cover tomorrow. walnut creek 78. pleasant hill 78. 77 for concord and only the low 60s bodega bay, stinson beach mid-60s in downtown and 68 degrees for berkeley. so the change continues tomorrow. highs inland only the upper 70s over the weekend. near the bay only the upper 60s. and how about that chance of rain next monday and next tuesday? widely scattered showers are likely everywhere from the coast all the way to inland areas. and even sacramento could see some showers for the top of next week.
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the one place where it's still shot in oakland. the hottest team in baseball, roberta gonzales is reporting live from the a.l. west champion stadium. >> hi, paul. we are on the field. in fact the oakland as just finished up some of the last celebrations right there on the big bump. the pitchers mound. and in fact the officers just asked the last remaining fans to leave because they have been partying here for an hour after the oakland as wrapped up this game. and now officially called the 2012 american league west champions. i got to tell you the game today 58 degrees, i'm wearing a jacket now because i'm freezing. i was green. in champaign and in fact if you want to know what it's like to celebrate inside a locker room here's what it was like. whoo! i took one for the team, guys. took one for the team. it burns your eyes but it felt so good. today's game was sold out at 58 degrees. last night was 87 degrees sold out two sold out games this
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whole season and i bet it will be packed for the next game here. for the weekend giants at home much cooler conditions. from park, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >> what a great story. dennis will have more in sports. "moneyball" 2. >> what a change in temperatures, 70s at the end after the 80s to start. >> thank you. the pressure to be thin. we see it on tv in magazines everywhere. now we may get it from our genetics too. how our genes can make some more vulnerable than others.
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never be too thin, a new ret shows how *some women are es message. from a culture that often pushes the notion that you can never be too thin, some women are vulnerable to the message. what makes them vulnerable? the dna? dr. kim has more. >> reporter: dna may play a
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huge role. anorexia is an eating disorder where women severely restrict what they eat because they have an irrational fear of gaining weight. it's the deadliest of eating disorders and extremely hard to treat. we often blame the media. just pick up a magazine or watch tv and the message is clear. thin is in. but researchers have discovered it's not just cultural pressure at work. it's inside these women in their genes. a woman's genetic makeup may play a significant role and make her more vulnerable to the pressure of being thin. these findings give hope to women who have not been helped by our current understanding or treatment of the disorder. now, if genetics are involved, then this could lead to new biological treatments. as many as one in five young women who suffer from anorexia will die from the disorder. they could really use a new approach. >> they can detect that genetic makeup early. >> look for who is most susceptible and also look at, you know, new medications, new
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treatments in that fashion, as well. we have to do something. >> all right. thank you. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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quick reminder we don't have a 6:00 newscast tonight because of the presidential debate. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" who is in denver is next. and right after that, cbs news will begin its special coverage. debate. we'll leave you with live pictures from the debate floor in denver. the latest news and weather are always on

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